LUNCH from 11am

toasted bread & spread - $6
seeded, rye, sourdough, fruit, gluten free olive oil, butter, jam,vegemite & peanut spread

re-charge bowl - $17.50
granola, chia seeds, coconut yoghurt, goji & pistachio, seasonal fruit & cheeky peanut ball garnish

wholegrain pancake - $17
thick fluffy pancake dressed w/ seasonal berries, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla or dark chocolate ice cream & maple syrup

avocado & dill…ish - $17
avocado, dill & a herb salad on toasted sourdough
add poached egg $3
add smoked salmon $4.50

chilli scramble - $17
scrambled eggs w/ shallots, fresh chilli, coriander, radish on toasted sourdough w/ a side of fresh herb salad

eggs your way - $14
choice of fried, scrambled or poached on toast with a wild herb salad.

cheeky’s big breakfast- $22
eggs your way, lamb sausages, roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon, hash brown, backed mushroom, spinach, sourdough & herb salad

dukkah crusted eggs - $18
goats cheese, pomegranate pearls, pumpkin & sunflower seeds w herb salad, on zataar bread

baked beans - $16
cannellini beans, onions, garlic & house made tomato sauce served w/ sourdough toast
add poached egg, goats cheese 3.0

fava means - $14
boiled fava beans mixed w/ olive oil, garlic & fresh lemon juice served with fresh bread

potato hash $4 bacon $4.50
avocado $4 sausages $4.50
baked mushrooms $4 smoked salmon $4.50
spinach $4
cherry tomato $4
almond feta $4
poached egg $3

cheeky pumpkin V hommos - $17.00
hommus w house made pumpkin sphere’s, wild herb salad, tahini & oven baked crispy lebanese bread.

smashed eggplant - $15
char grilled eggplant with a pomegranate herb salad, served with wholemeal bread
add falafel $2.50
add a skewer $6

hearty tabouli - $16
parsley, tomato, mint, cucumber, spring onion, house spices, lemon juice & olive oil served w/ lettuce
add falafel $2.50
add a lamb/chicken skewer $6

fut-oosh salad - $16
pomegranate pearls, sliced radish, parsley leaves, mint leaves, iceberg lettuce & cherry tomatoes tossed w/ sumac pomegranate molasses, lemon juice & olive oil
add falafel $2.50
add a lamb/chicken skewer $6

falafel all the way - $18
6 falafel, hommos, fresh herbs salad, tahini, pickles, lebanese bread & pickled cabbage

nature’s super beety bowl - $17
brown rice, quinoa, beetroot, sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli, kale, herbs, pickled cabbage & avocado topped w/ crushed hazelnuts
add poached egg $3
add lamb/chicken skewer 6.0

vegan bun burger - $18
with pickles, tomato, baby spinach, fresh beetroot & spicy capsicum relish served w/ chips

beef burger - $20
angus beef with pickles, tomato, iceberg lettuce, cheese, aoli & spicy capsicum relish served w/ chips
add fried egg 3.0

skewers platter - $24
2 chicken tenders, 2 lamb fillets served with herby salad, pickles, house-made tahini, chips & fresh bread

extra bread 1.0
lamb/chicken skewer 6.0
thick cut chips 4.0
tabouli 6.0
falafel 2.50
hommus 6.0
sweet potato wedges 6.0

Serving Code Black Specialty Coffee